Putting Jesus at the Centre

The ‘Up’ aspect of our faith community is about staying connected to Jesus. We do this in many ways and encourage people to find creative ways to connect. We see all of our life and ministry as flowing out of our connection with Jesus and so prioritise that wherever we are.

Intimacy With God

We seek to live out of deep intimacy with God where a lifestyle of prayer and worship is the foundation of what we do day by day.  Our worship goes beyond singing and we have been encouraged to pursue God in all aspects of life. Prayer and worship is built into our events and gatherings.

We recognise the importance of creating space to simply ‘be’ with God and are encouraged to develop personal and corporate rhythms whereby we can regularly connect with Him in prayer, worship and Scripture.

Sunday Morning Worship

The weekly Sunday morning service is held at 10:30 in the Whiteinch Community Centre. Its format follows a structure but it is relaxed and informal in style. During the pandemic we have had a shorter and simpler worship service on YouTube followed by post-church coffee on Zoom. 

We have a variety of talented musicians and song writers who lead our sung worship with mainly, but not exclusively, modern songs.   Sung worship continues for 30-40 minutes, with folks encouraged to express their worship and praise to God through art, dance, flags and banners.  We see this as an important part of our service and ministry to God.


Our Sunday Morning service includes a prayer slot, which has had a variety of topics as its focus.  Each week we are led to pray for something from either the local area, Glasgow, Scotland or the world.  Sometimes this takes place as a whole church, other times in small groups.  We also have a dedicated ministry team who will offer prayer to those who desire it at the end of the service. Before the service, there is a prayer meeting at 9.45 upstairs in the centre. Specific prayer requests are passed through text messages in our prayer line.  Through this we pray for individuals in the church as well as people/situations we’re connected with.

 Jesus replied: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind’

Matthew 22: 37

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